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Shopping For Lights? Look for Lumens, Not Watts

When you’re shopping for lightbulbs, compare lumens to be sure you’re getting the amount of light, or level of brightness, you want. Today’s Lighting Facts Label will make it easy to compare bulb brightness, color, life, and estimated annual operating cost. Look for Lumens, Not Watts Lumens and watts are… Read More

Restoring Power Safely and Efficiently

We do our best to avoid them, but there’s no way around it: power outages occasionally happen. For most Union Power members, outages are rare and only last a few hours. But when major storms hit our area, extended outages are unavoidable. So, when the power goes out, how do… Read More

Prioritize Safety Year-Round

At Union Power, we recognize Electrical Safety Month every May, but we also know the importance of practicing safety year-round. From our co-op crews to you, our members we serve, we recognize that everyone has a part to play in prioritizing safety. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, thousands… Read More

National Lineworker Appreciation Day

On April 18, Union Power will join other electric cooperatives across our state and nation to honor Lineworker Appreciation Day. This day, we will recognize our lineworkers and the critical role they play in providing you, our members, with the power you depend on every day. Lineworkers work around the… Read More

Have You Cashed Your Capital Credit Check?

Union Power Cooperative is searching for members and former members who have outstanding capital credit checks. Historically, capital credits are retired (paid) in the fall of each year. In September 2021, the co-op retired $3.5 million worth of capital credits and mailed them to the last known address associated with… Read More

Rooted in the Community: Celebrating National Ag Day

Our Cooperative has come a long way since local farmers, ranchers, and rural families came together to bring electricity and greater opportunities to the region more than 80 years ago. Still, we’ve remained true to our roots and steadfast in our commitment to supporting, investing in, and strengthening our local… Read More

Shoot Your Shot: Don’t Miss this Summer Opportunity

Lace-up those sneakers rising sixth and seventh graders! The buzzer will sound soon to apply for a basketball camp scholarship on March 31. Union Power will send one young man to the Carolina Basketball Camp at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill from June 18-22, and one young… Read More

Move Over, Save Lives

Every year, workers along the sides of roads are injured or killed when cars crash into authorized emergency vehicles, public service vehicles, and crew sites, even when they are marked with flashing lights, bright cones, or warning signs. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, incidents involving workers… Read More