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Get Familiar with Cyber Basics

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month At a time when we are more connected than ever, being “cyber smart” is of the utmost importance. This year has already seen more than a fair share of cyber-attacks and breaches. As has been underlined by these recent breaches, cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated,… Read More

Brighter Together: Celebrating National Co-op Month

October is National Co-op Month, an annual celebration of what makes co-ops different and the difference co-ops make. You can see the cooperative business model in action across a variety of industries, from agriculture to grocery to utilities. Electric cooperatives like Union Power are based in the communities they serve,… Read More

September Marks Annual Celebration for Driving Electric

National Drive Electric Week kicks off Sept. 25, and Union Power is joining this nationwide celebration to highlight the many benefits of driving electric. Electric vehicles (EVs) have a lot to offer our member-consumers, including increased convenience and cost savings, decreased maintenance, and a better driving experience. Today’s EVs offer… Read More

Tips for a Safe Harvest

Agriculture is the backbone of our country, and our livelihood greatly depends on the crops provided by American farmers. In addition to being one of the most labor-intensive professions, farming is also considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S. The hard work and exhaustive labor are tough,… Read More

Footing the Bill for Broadband Shouldn’t Fall to Union Power Members

Rural North Carolina needs better access to broadband internet; all of us who live here understand that deeply. Recently, we have seen commercials and media from cable companies blaming the lack of rural broadband on electric utilities, including us, a rural, not-for-profit electric cooperative. Their claim is that electric cooperatives… Read More

Stay Prepared During Peak Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is at its peak from mid-August to late October, and as North Carolinians know too well, any part of our state can be impacted by a hurricane – not just the coast. As the frequency and intensity of these storms increases, it’s more important than ever for our… Read More

Important Update: 2021 Annual Meeting

In last month’s newsletter, we announced our plans to host a virtual annual meeting this year due to the lingering impacts of COVID-19. Members can attend the business portion of our annual meeting virtually on Saturday, Oct. 9 at 9:00 a.m. via the Union Power Cooperative YouTube Channel. Be on… Read More

A Return of Your Investment

Capital Credits Coming Soon Paying your electric bill isn’t just payment for service—it’s an investment in your cooperative. As a member-owner providing a share of our capital, you’re building equity in the co-op, and capital credits are your return of that investment. Each year, any margins (revenues in excess of… Read More

Hot Water Savings for Summer

Hot water is essential to daily life, from washing your hands, cleaning dishes, to showering, so it should come as no surprise that water heating is typically the second-largest energy expense in your home (depending on if your water is electric or gas)— accounting for about 18% of energy bills,… Read More

The Power of Coordinated Energy Resources

As the peak of hurricane season in North Carolina approaches, Union Power remains focused on grid resiliency and preparedness efforts. This year-round effort to limit power outages and recover quickly from those that do occur includes conventional efforts like tree-trimming to keep limbs away from power lines, as well as… Read More