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Light Up Your Holiday Season Safely

With the holiday season approaching and lots of shopping and decorating to do, Union Power’s Holiday Lighting Calculator is a great resource to help assist you this holiday season. Our calculator helps determine monthly energy savings by converting your traditional incandescent Christmas lights to LED bulbs—calculating savings based on the… Read More

Feast For Savings This Thanksgiving

As the leaves turn and the air turns crisp, families across the country gather for an American traditional Thanksgiving feast. As this holiday is a time to show gratitude and blessings, it’s also an opportunity to be mindful of your energy consumption in the kitchen. As you prepare to host… Read More

Keep Food Safe When the Power Goes Out

Severe winds, lightning, and even animals can temporarily cause the power to go out. Extended power outages are rare, but when they occur, it’s important to understand food safety measures to avoid illness. Before an outageKeep an emergency supply kit on hand. Be sure to include nonperishable food items… Read More

Five Ways to Safeguard Your Home This Winter

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, it’s a natural feeling to create a warm and cozy home. Unfortunately, as we see increased use of heating equipment, candles, and electrical items, home fires tend to increase during winter. Here are five ways you can safeguard your home for… Read More

Spooktacular Savings

This spooky season, we’re sharing a few energy-saving tricks so you can treat yourself to lower-than-expected energy bills. Here are four simple ways to summon the spirit of energy efficiency.Conjure instant savings with a smart thermostat: One of the easiest ways to save energy is through thermostat control. Since home… Read More

Stay Safe While Browsing the Web

In today’s world, most of us don’t leave the front door unlocked. We protect our homes, loved ones and valuables from intruders with locks, alarms and other security measures. Cybersecurity is no different. It’s the practice of protecting other valuables such as your identity, banking, health records, and other sensitive… Read More

Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar

The benefits of installing solar may seem like a no-brainer, but not every home (and homeowner’s situation) is always right for solar. Before installing solar, there are several factors to consider, like determining if your home will receive enough sun to achieve your goals, finding the right contractor, and other… Read More

Celebrating Growth: October is National Co-op Month

As we welcome the crisp autumn air and vibrant hues of October, we recognize this beautiful month as National Co-op Month. Union Power is joining cooperatives across the U.S. to celebrate the cooperative spirit that drives our community. As all co-ops come in different shapes and sizes, we all have… Read More

Is Your HVAC Ready to Take on Cooler Temperatures?

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, it’s time to prepare your home for the cooler months ahead. Proper HVAC maintenance can help ensure your home stays warm, safe, and energy efficient throughout the season. Below are some tips to help you maximize energy savings this… Read More

REV Up Your Ride: Try Our EV Calculator for Potential Savings

With so many car companies pledging to produce more Electric Vehicles (EVs), it is easy to see that these cars are becoming the future of transportation. With their instant torque, there are so many features and options to fit any driver.Visit to check out our electric… Read More