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Attention Members: You may encounter ROW Vendors.

At Union Power, our top priority is the safety and the well-being of our members and ensuring the reliability of our electric service. Some of our members may encounter vendors on their property from the end of April to the end of July. These vendors are inspecting the power lines… Read More

Powering Up Our Future Through Innovation

In the dynamic energy world, where technology is advancing rapidly, Union Power Cooperative embraces the growth with excitement and remains focused on building a brighter future. As innovation is at the heart of our mission, electric co-ops are no stranger to adapting to the needs of the local communities we… Read More

Spring Into Warmer Weather

Now that warmer weather is here, it’s time to prepare and maintain your HVAC unit to keep you cool. To prepare for warmer temperatures, knowing if you have a heat pump or an air conditioner, the manufacturer, and the year of installation are helpful steps in maintaining a healthy and… Read More

Grasping Futures – Making A Global Impact

In the spirit of community involvement, Kimberly Martin, a teacher at Royal Oaks School of the Arts, was honored with a grant from Union Power Cooperative last November. Her project, “Hands of Gratitude,” enabled the students to assemble functional 3D-printed prosthetic hands for individuals in the U.S. and developing countries,… Read More

Celebrating Agriculture Through Reliable Power

Eighty-five years ago, farmers and rural communities came together to form some of the first electric cooperatives across the state and the nation to serve power to rural areas. They set the poles, strung the lines, and went door-to-door, asking people in their communities to join them in establishing a… Read More

Rate Changes to be Implemented April 2024

Effective April 1, 2024, Union Power Cooperative will implement our first rate adjustment in five years, and only our second in nine years. During the business portion of the 84th Annual Meeting last October and in last month’s issue of the Co-op Review, we made members aware of the need… Read More

Power Lines and Petunias

As we embrace the beautiful weather of spring, it’s the perfect time for planting around your yard. Union Power is here to guide you on planting around our power lines and equipment. Planting and putting fences or other obstructions around utility equipment can be dangerous for you and utility workers. Read More

Energy and Appliance Use Survey

Union Power Cooperative is conducting an Energy and Appliance Use Survey throughout March and April in partnership with Cooperative Insights and Bellomy Research. You may receive an email invitation to participate in the survey. Your feedback helps us strengthen the reliability of our service and informs strategic plans for the… Read More

Stay Warm Without Worries

Space heaters can be a convenient way to keep warm during chilly days, providing heat when needed. They can be an alternative to warm a small area in your home without turning up the thermostat. However, safety should become a priority when using these heaters. Here are a few tips… Read More