Commercial Lighting Options

Whether you operate a small business, church, or industrial facility, protecting your customers, employees, and property is essential. Union Power Cooperative offers outdoor lighting products that will help you maintain a safe environment.

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Sports Field Lighting

This schedule is applicable for electric service for lighting specifically designed for outdoor fields normally used for athletic activities.

Shoebox Fixture

150-watt available with both single and double fixture.

Cobra Head Fixture

30-foot fixture, fiberglass

Ideal for illuminating streets and parking lots, these fixtures are available to commercial customers, developers, neighborhood associations, community organizations, and governmental agencies.

Flood Lighting

Available in 400-watt

Flood lighting offers attractive dusk until dawn illumination and a safe atmosphere for play areas, parking lots, and businesses.

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting

Metal Halide – 1000-watt

Turn even the darkest parking areas into areas with lots of light for maximum safety. Union Power Cooperative can help you choose the lighting designs you need for your parking areas.