Usage Alerts

Did you know that you can set up alert notifications to make you aware of high usage on your account and avoid unwanted ‘surprises’ on your bill? Our Energy Usage Alert could come in handy if you have a heat pump or well pump malfunction that could drastically increase your monthly electric bill. No one wants a surprise like that!

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Setting Up Your Threshold Amount +

The Energy Usage Alert notifies members when their daily energy usage exceeds the dollar amount that they have set up.

  • Be familiar with your monthly bills and how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) used per month, on average
  • Calculate your daily usage into a dollar amount by dividing your average monthly bill by 30

Tip: To keep from receiving alerts too often, do not set the threshold too close to the daily usage amount

Example: A member whose average electric bill for the month is $150 pays approximately $5 per day for electricity and should set the dollar threshold for his notification alert at $7 to $8 (this is $2 to $3 more than the normal daily usage, or 40-60%)

What Happens if I Receive an Alert? +

If usage alert notifications are received consistently for a few days, and seasonal temperature fluctuations can be ruled out, it is time for the member to investigate further. These are the top three things that can typically cause a spike in usage and should be checked by a licensed technician:

  • Heating/cooling systems
  • Electric water heaters
  • Well pumps/water system leaks

Why not take time now to set up alert notifications on your account? You can select one or all four options – text, email, push, and voice notifications.

Set Up Alerts from Mobile Devices +

Download the Union Power Cooperative app in the App Store or  Google Play. Once you’ve successfully installed the app on your device, enter your Union Power account number and password

For Android devices
Click on the Account Info tab (first tab) to turn on Notifications.

For IOS devices

  • Under Options, click on the Account Info tab (first tab) to turn on Notifications
  • Click Customize to name/register your device
  • Once you’ve done this, you will receive a “push” from any alert you have set up – you can also set up alerts for email, text message and voice by clicking on the Alerts tab.