Report an Outage

Call or Text 1-800-794-4423

Report By Calling +

  1. Dial 800-794-4423
  2. Press 1 to report an outage
  3. Press 1 to confirm your phone number
  4. Press 1 to confirm outage address
  5. Press 1 to give more details or hang up

Report By Texting +

  1. Text “OUT” to 800-794-4423


  • OUT – Report an Outage
  • STATUS – Receive information and updates on your outage
  • STOP or QUIT – Opt out of Union Power’s outage texting service.

In order to use both of these services, it is vital that you keep us informed of any changes to your telephone number. To update your account information, click here, or contact our customer service team at 800-922-6840.

The Steps to Restoring Power