Key Contacts

Accounting and Finance

Alan Murphy, Manager of Finance and Accounting

David Glasser, Manager of Billing

Customer Service

Joy Griffin, Manager of Customer Service

Candace Hanes, Customer Service Supervisor – Oakboro district

Rita Huntley, Customer Service Supervisor – Monroe district

Engineering and Operations

Wayne Hathcock, Manager of Engineering

Lonnie Kirkley, Manager of Operations

Matt Tepera, Manager of Engineering and Operations Support

Bobby Bryant, Director of Fleet Maintenance

David Medlock, Line Superintendent – Oakboro district

Andy Newsome, Line Superintendent – Monroe district

Darren Davis, Underground Construction Superintendent

Michael Laney, Construction Coordinator

Jamie Taylor, Director of Environmental Health & Safety

Human Resources

Christina Snethen – Human Resource Administrator

Marketing and Energy Services

Jake Thomas, Manager of Marketing & Energy Services


Jason Jones, Director of Purchasing and Inventory Control

Right-of-Way and Vegetation Management

Wil Ortiz, Manager of Vegetation Management

Carrie Lorenz-Efird, Senior Utility Forester