The Starting Point to Reliable Electric Power

May 28, 2023

You may see these individuals in the field with their iPad, tremble GPS unit, and a measuring wheel. They are essential to our co-op and, most importantly, our members. Our Distribution System Design Technicians (DSDT) do a lot in the field to care for our members’ needs. Whether investing in a new home, adding to your property, or adding a street light to your property, our DSDTs are the team to call!

Distribution system design (DSD) isn’t just placing a wooden stake in the ground to mark the location of a power pole. DSD goes much deeper than that. Not only do they assist our members, but they also help our linemen during storm outages. The DSDTs go to the outage location ahead of our linemen to assess the situation and determine equipment and material needs.

The DSDTs rely on the assistance of our internal E&O Customer Support Specialist, who streamlines the communication between the DSDT and the member. With the information they receive from our customer support specialist, they check the property for meters, lines, and transformers to prepare and obtain easements, placement of other equipment, etc. Once they inspect the property, they meet with the members and developers to design new lines or relocate existing lines in our system. Once that process is complete, the job is sent to one of our construction crews to ensure its completion and deliverance to our promise of providing safe, reliable electric power and energy services with exceptional value.  

 DSDT Keith Baker states, “As it is our duty to serve our members and provide efficient power, we are here to support and negotiate to meet our members’ needs and build new relationships with our members and contractors.” As a result, Union Power provides our members with reliable and efficient electricity at competitive costs.

We thank our distribution system design crew for providing our members with efficient power, building relationships, and the support they need