Suds and Savings

June 4, 2021

10 Ways to Save Energy in the Laundry Room

Your clothes washer and dryer account for a significant portion of energy consumption from major appliances, and let’s face it— laundry is no one’s favorite chore. There are several easy ways you can save energy (and money) in the laundry room and make the most of your laundry energy use!

Check out these tips for saving on suds:

  1. Wash with cold water. Switching from warm water to cold water can cut one load’s energy use by more than half, and by using a cold-water detergent, you can still achieve that brilliant clean you’d normally get from washing in warm water.
  1. Purchase ENERGY STAR®-rated washers and dryers. When it’s time to purchase a new washer or dryer, look for the ENERGY STAR® label. New washers and dryers that receive the ENERGY STAR® rating use about 20% less energy than conventional models.

How Much Electricity Does It Cost to Run My Appliances?

With Union Power’s Appliance Calculator, it’s easy to determine the costs of running your appliances. Use the Appliance Calculator to calculate the estimated annual energy use and cost to operate your appliances. It’s simple! Choose your appliance, estimate how many hours it’s used per day, and the calculator estimates your annual energy use and cost of the appliance. To access the Appliance Calculator, visit and select the Appliance Calculator.

Please note: The Appliance Calculator is an estimated cost of appliances. Actual costs will vary between homes. For the most accurate estimate of your home’s energy use, we recommend you complete an online energy audit or speak with one of our energy specialists at 704-289-3145.