Staying Prepared in Our Peak of Hurricane Season

September 14, 2022

Hurricane season here in North Carolina spans across almost three months. With entering September, we have reached the peak of the season. From the past, we know that just because we may not be on the coast a hurricane can have a huge impact in the piedmont region. As our late afternoon and evening storms increase with high temperature making them more severe, it is important to remember how to stay safe and prepared during this month.

Union Power is always prepared to respond to outages as quickly and safely as possible. While we are working to get you lights back on, here are something’s you can do to help speed up the process:

Members are encouraged to always report and outage. We also want to remind our members to never go near or drive over drowned power lines, as they may remain energized.

Make a plan, and stay safe!

Preparing your home for a hurricane.