Six Ways to Save Energy this Winter

February 12, 2023

The colder months often bring higher energy bills for homeowners. Many people are at home more during the winter months, which can increase energy use. It’s important to save electricity in the winter to lower your electric bills, not to mention reduce your carbon footprint.

Below are six ways to conserve energy when the temperature drops:

1: Switch to a smart thermostat
A smart thermostat is a high-tech way to save electricity in the winter. Programmable thermostat savings come from the ability to fine-tune and optimize when your furnace runs. You can program the thermostat to turn down while you’re sleeping and away from home. You can reduce your electric bill in winter without sacrificing comfort. If you still feel chilly, wrap up in a blanket or add layers of clothing.

2: Don’t block the heat
If your air vents or heating elements (like radiators) are blocked by furniture or rugs, your home isn’t adequately heated.

3: Take advantage of sunlight
Sunshine coming through your windows can help heat up a room. Opening and closing drapes strategically can help you save on your energy bill this winter. Open drapes when the sun is shining in, then close them when it gets dark. Be sure to close drapes and shades across all of your windows at night to prevent drafts and heat loss through the glass.

4: Weather-strip your doors and windows
Drafts from your doors and windows can leak out more heat than you might imagine, but you can put a stop to it by installing weather stripping around them. Plus, door sweeps help seal the space between the bottom of your door and the door frame. Also, draft stoppers can give you some measure of protection from the cold.

5: Close the damper when not using the fireplace
Relaxing in front of a warm fireplace can be a wonderful end to a cold day, but the heat could escape up the chimney if you forget to close the damper. You can also save electricity in winter by installing a more efficient fireplace and switching from wood burning to gas. Installing a glass screen will make your fireplace more energy efficient as well. It radiates the heat from the fire but prevents warm air from being pulled in and vented out the chimney.

6: Block air leaks
Seal windows and exterior doors with caulk and weather stripping to improve indoor comfort and decrease the amount of energy used to heat your home.