REV Up Your Ride: Try Our EV Calculator for Potential Savings

September 14, 2023

With so many car companies pledging to produce more Electric Vehicles (EVs), it is easy to see that these cars are becoming the future of transportation. With their instant torque, there are so many features and options to fit any driver.
Visit to check out our electric vehicle calculator to help you identify and answer important questions such as:
Is an EV right for me?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of operating an EV?
How much money will I save if I purchase an EV?
How can Union Power help me?
Our electric vehicle calculator allows our members to evaluate their driving habits and compare their gas-powered vehicles with various plug-in and hybrid EVs to understand the difference in monthly costs and savings.
Value of Being a Co-op Member
When you are ready to purchase an EV, check with ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union for financing opportunities. As a cooperative member, you can call and speak to a representative at 800-849-5600 about loans, tax incentives, and rebates for EVs, or visit
Check out for more information on EVs. This resource shows members how driving electric impacts their overall savings, the environment, and more.