Pump Up Your Swimming Pool’s Energy Efficiency this Summer

June 9, 2021

The warm days of summer are quickly approaching, and many swimming pool owners are looking forward to taking a refreshing dip in their backyard oasis – but they are also dreading the dip that operating a swimming pool will make in their wallets. As your electric cooperative, we’re here to help! Owning a pool doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, time-consuming, or a huge waste of energy.

Take a minute to soak up these tips to improve your pool’s energy efficiency:

  1. Install an energy-saving pool pump and operate it efficiently. Having an energy-efficient pool pump is another important part of the equation when considering pool maintenance options. Using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and operating it less frequently can help lower pool energy costs.

Single-speed pool pumps operate at only one speed to power all pool functions – even those that do not require as much power. Single-speed pumps, by design, can’t change their flow rate, so they must be sized to perform the most demanding tasks.

Two-speed pool pumps operate at either full-speed (100%) or half-speed (50%). Because there are only two speed choices, it is difficult to fine-tune the flow rates required for maximum energy savings. However, when running at half-speed, a pump can provide significant energy savings while still having the ability to run at full-speed when more water flow is needed.

Variable-speed pool pumps operate over a range of speeds and can be “dialed-in” to the specific speeds needed for different functions such as basic circulation, heating, spa use, etc. These pumps allow homeowners to achieve the ideal filtration flow rate with the least amount of energy consumption.

4.    Set your pool pump on a timer: We recommend putting pool pumps on timers with run times of 8-10 hours a day, depending on pool size. Also, set your pump and system to run during the late evening/early morning hours.