Powering Up Our Future Through Innovation

April 24, 2024

In the dynamic energy world, where technology is advancing rapidly, Union Power Cooperative embraces the growth with excitement and remains focused on building a brighter future. As innovation is at the heart of our mission, electric co-ops are no stranger to adapting to the needs of the local communities we serve and our members.

Innovation at Our Core: Initiatives like smart electric meters that provide insight into electricity usage and leveraging data to strengthen our system against extreme weather help us dispatch crews and reduce restoration time during weather-related disruptions.

Electric Vehicles: The Future is Here! Electric Vehicles (EVs) are paving the way for a cleaner, greener future. As EVs offer advantages ranging from environmental sustainability to economic savings, they are becoming an increasingly attractive option. As this industry grows, we have a dedicated team of energy specialists available to guide our members in making informative decisions and advise those interested in making the switch.

Innovative Efficiency Solutions: Our commitment goes beyond just supplying power. We want to help you enhance your home’s energy efficiency and take advantage of the actionable energy-saving advice offered by the co-op. Whether you’re curious about solar power or looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, our knowledgeable energy specialists are available to assist you in optimizing your energy use and improving your home’s efficiency.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives: As cooperatives, we benefit from collaborating with other cooperatives, making our business model unique and stronger. With our unique business model, we focus on keeping the mindset of our members’ needs first and how we can better serve our community and deliver reliable power at an affordable cost.