Power at Your Fingertips: Introducing Union Power’s New Outage Texting Program

August 4, 2023

Union Power continuously strives to improve our services and technology. Our newest program, Outage
Texting, offers real-time outage alerts and reporting capabilities through text messaging, allowing us to
connect with our members on a new level. Starting this month, members will be auto-enrolled into this
service, providing a new layer of responsiveness and transparency.

Matt Tepera, manager of E&O support, states, “The program required a large amount of time testing to ensure our members’ needs are being taken care of during outages. We firmly believe that the program will reduce the need for phone calls, minimize delays, and become a convenient reporting channel. This new program reflects our commitment to leveraging technology as a time-saving solution for outage communication.”

How Does it Work?
This program offers two ways of being notified about an outage:

Once we receive your text, you will get a message to confirm your outage address. Once the address is confirmed, we will reply, “Thanks. Your outage has been reported”. Make sure to save the Union Power Outage number, 1-800-794-4423, as a contact in your phone.

Update Contact Information.

To take advantage of the benefits this program offers, it is vital that we have your current contact information updated in our system. The program’s success relies heavily on having the correct mobile phone number associated with your account.

The Member Portal is the best way to update your contact information. In the portal, you can add or change the cell phone number linked to your account, ensuring you will receive timely outage alerts and can report outages by text. Remember, this program is to be used for texting outages only.