National Lineworker Appreciation Day

April 17, 2022

On April 18, Union Power will join other electric cooperatives across our state and nation to honor Lineworker Appreciation Day. This day, we will recognize our lineworkers and the critical role they play in providing you, our members, with the power you depend on every day.

Lineworkers work around the clock, sometimes in difficult and dangerous conditions to keep the power flowing to our local communities. While taking care of our members is a lineworkers’ first priority, there are times when they are called on to aid across the state and nation following major storms. This commitment to “cooperation among cooperatives” is one of the core principles that demonstrates the true strength and character of the cooperative network.

Join us on April 18 by using #ThankALineworker on social media to show your support and thank our lineworkers for all they do to keep the power ON!

Remember to #ThankALineworker