National Lineman Appreciation Day:Let’s All #ThankALineworker on April 18:

April 16, 2023

Tuesday, April 18, is National Lineman Appreciation day. Electric cooperatives across the nation will recognize the many linemen who contribute their life to their cooperative by ensuring their members’ power is on, no matter what the weather conditions are outside. Of course, linemen deserve all the recognition throughout the year, but on April 18, the cooperative set aside a day to thank them and give them all the well-deserved recognition.

Our Linemen are first responders in our community, working around the clock in difficult and dangerous conditions to keep power flowing through our homes and the community. Whether restoring power after a major storm or maintaining a critical infrastructure to our electric system, our linemen are the heart of our co-op. Electricity is delivered through a series of connected wires and poles. When that connection is interrupted by something like a falling tree branch, an animal, or faulty equipment, our men have all the knowledge, skill, and muscles to conquer.

While caring for our cooperative, often, our linemen are called to travel across the state and nation to help other cooperatives and electric companies in a storm. At Union Power, we are honored to have a great group of men who give their all in the field. It takes a unique individual to do the work of a lineman, and we see them as true heroes at Union Power.