My Home Profile Report – complete your home profile

February 5, 2023

Union Power provides a way for our members to manage their energy and save money at the same time. Get an assessment of your home’s energy use tailored to you! With a completed home profile, you can receive easy-to-read graphs and helpful information about how your household uses energy and ways to make your home more efficient, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Our online Home Energy Assessment is analyzed based on your actual billing history and the answers you provide when completing your home profile. The assessment will create a customized report that shows how your home is predicted to use energy and how to save with improvements in the home. Take your assessment today!

How to get started:

Create your home’s energy profile. To begin the assessment, visit, you will need to enter the account number printed on your electric bill and the location of your home. Once you provide the information, you will be asked a series of 11 questions ranging from your home’s size (square feet), number of occupants, insulation type, average thermostat settings, and more. Remember, the more details you share, the more accurate the analysis will be.

Get custom recommendations. Once you finish the questions, click “Show Analysis” to see your results. The analysis will give a home efficiency rating and a detailed breakdown of your electricity cost and usage from year to year and month to month, as well as information on ways to save energy based on your results.

Improve your home’s efficiency. Based on the results, build on your list of improvements and track your progress!

Taking small steps to ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible can add significant results.