Managing the Supply Chain

July 15, 2023

The warehouse team at Union Power Cooperative often plays an important, critical role in providing for our members and our cooperative. While most of their work is done behind the scenes, their work ensures the smooth flow of operations, from managing inventory, and facilitating the repair and maintenance of infrastructure, to enabling quick response during power outages. Our warehouse team is committed to helping our members and all departments, as they are a true representation of Union Power’s mission.

The warehouse team performs several duties for our cooperative. They first ensure that the construction crews, linemen, and contractors have all the materials they need to complete a job. They are also responsible for organizing and accounting for all materials in the pole yard and keeping the warehouse stocked with supplies and equipment.

As they perform their everyday duties, our team goes above and beyond to provide reliable service to our members. They must load and unload the supplies and equipment carefully, as they are not easy to replace, and ensure the warehouse is well-equipped with material, especially during storms.

The team likes to stay ahead and be proactive, especially when facing supply-chain challenges. Our linemen can’t build the jobs and make the repairs unless we have the supplies and equipment needed to get the job done. Inventory is important to our cooperative; you may wonder what happens when the supply is unavailable. When we work together with other NC cooperatives to purchase supplies, we can reap the benefits of better pricing and a wider range of products. This is done through The Tarheel Electric Membership Association (TEMA), which supplies materials needed for NC cooperatives to operate. Andy Burr, warehouse clerk, states, “Having the right amount of materials and other resources, means our members’ power can be repaired quickly and reduce downtime.”

The service our members have come to expect is largely thanks to these dedicated individuals whose work may be behind the scenes, but the impact resonates in every home Union Power serves.