Make Your Voice Heard

September 2, 2020

September 22 is recognized as National Voter Registration Day, and we are encouraging all Union Power members to make their voices heard! Whether you’re registering yourself or others to vote or helping members of our community get organized, there are many ways to get involved.

Your vision, your vote
While local elections may not be as exciting as the highprofile presidential election, they are just as critical. Local elections have a direct impact on your community and your quality of life. If you don’t vote, you’re not only missing the opportunity to support a candidate that shares your views and concerns; you’re allowing others to chart a course that impacts your future.

Like the national level, local elections represent who we are as a community, and more importantly, where we want to go. Whether it’s an election for a mayor, sheriff, state representative, school board, or an electric co-op board member, your vision for the community is tied to your vote.

Voting keeps elected officials accountable. Elections are a direct and tangible source of feedback. For example, Union Power board members provide strategic guidance on the direction of the co-op and how it serves the community. Local board members embody the voice and identity of the community.

Staying in sync with the community
Ultimately, the role of the co-op board is governance. While day-to-day decisions are made by our employees, bigger decisions are made by the board, whose mission is to look out for the vitality of the co-op and the members we serve. Union Power board members provide their perspective on community priorities, thereby enabling us to make more informed decisions on long-term investments.

We depend on you and your neighbors to vote so that we can stay on course and ensure that we are in sync with the community that we serve.

A strong voter turnout shows investment in the community and ensures that a diverse number of views are represented. The whole community benefits when more people participate in the process, because greater numbers reflect a consensus on the direction of the future and the will of the people.

By voting in national, state, and local elections, you are serving as a role model for your family, friends, and colleagues. The act of voting demonstrates your support for the community and helps officials chart a course for the future. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Research candidates, learn about issues that are on the ballot, and get out and vote!