Let Our Energy Specialist Become Your Trusted Energy Advisors

March 12, 2023

When investing in your home’s efficiency, do you ever need advice from a reliable, trusted source? Union Power has the resources and tools to answer any questions or concerns about investing in your home’s efficiency. From understanding your home’s energy use to considering renewable home energy, researching electric vehicles, or being interested in a time-of-day rate. Let our energy specialists be your trusted energy source.

Our energy specialists have many resources and tools at their fingertips to help our members manage their energy. For instance, the latest resource developed at Union Power alerts our energy specialists of member accounts that have exceeded historical metrics. We can notify members of increased consumption before they receive their next bill. By analyzing the meter data for these accounts, our specialists can help identify what may be the direct cause of the higher-than-normal energy consumption. For example, high consumption issues could result from an inefficient or defective HVAC unit, water heater, or well pump. In addition, pool pumps, hot tubs, or home efficiency issues (lack of insulation, weatherization issues, appliance efficiency) can also be significant contributing factors. Notifying the member of these issues in the middle of a billing cycle can expedite any necessary repairs, thus saving the member energy and money.

Home Improvements

As homes get older, they tend to need more attention. Our energy specialists can review your consumption results and discuss potential contributing factors. Depending on the age and mechanics of the home, there may be opportunities to reinvest in your home for better results. By improving your home’s efficiency, we can discuss the effects these changes will have on your power bill!

Solar Energy

We recommend that you establish goals when considering solar. Having reasonable expectations of how much offset you want to accomplish with your daily consumption will determine the size of the solar system needed. Establishing goals will also determine if battery storage will be needed. It is also important to know your budget. The system’s size and battery will drive the cost of a solar system.

After we discuss goals, our energy specialists perform an account analysis of the last 12 months’ consumption to determine if results align with the home’s size. In addition, we discuss the current energy efficiency of your home, review the main contributing factors toward daily power consumption, and help you determine how much your lifestyle habits and choices contribute.  

Unfortunately, there is no one-answer-fits-all when considering solar. But, before making a final decision, consult with one of our energy specialists, as we are here to support and educate you on how solar works.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

If you want to learn more about electric vehicles and how driving an electric vehicle can impact your wallet, the environment, and more, one resource is to visit ncdriveelectric.com/unionpower. Another resource is to call our energy specialists. We’re here to help you! We can help you answer questions about the different types of chargers, when is the best time to charge your electric vehicle, and what the best electric rate would be to meet your needs.

Our energy specialists are here to help you manage your energy, determine your need for solar and home improvements, and decide if an EV is right for you.