Keeping Pets and Energy Bills Comfortable

November 13, 2022

At the onset of the cold weather season, replace the HVAC filter for better air quality and to help the unit operate more efficiently. Also, weather-striping and caulking windows and doors will help keep the harsh cold temperatures away. Another idea to help keep the intense temperature out of the home is to tape or affix heavy, clear plastic to put on the inside of the window frames to create an additional barrier against the cold. Ensure that the plastic is tightly sealed to the frame to help reduce infiltration.

The winter temperatures can be a little “ruff” at times, so set the thermostat at 68 degrees, which will make it a “purr-fect” temperature for people and pets––especially for smaller, short-hair, and senior dogs––not just for warmth but for their general health. In addition, puppies, kittens, and older pets with arthritis or other ailments may have more difficulty controlling their body heat and need the additional warmth when it’s chilly out.

Pets that sleep close to the floor can be subject to cold drafts that enter the home through windows and exterior doors. If the pet’s bed is near a window or door that feels drafty, tightly roll up a towel and place it near the bottom of the door or window to eliminate the draft. This idea will cut down on cold drafts that will keep everyone feeling more comfortable during colder months.

If possible, try to elevate the pet’s bed, so it is not placed directly on the cold floor. An old chair or sofa cushion works as well. If there is no dog bed provided, take some old blankets and create a donut shape on a pillow so the dog can snuggle and “nest” within the blanket. For cats, provide them with blankets but make the donut shape smaller for warmth. Blankets provide pets a comfortable place for dogs and cats to curl up, even when they aren’t tired. 

During the day, open the blinds and curtains to allow sunlight into the home to keep the house warm. As the sun goes down, close the window coverings at night for an additional layer of installation.

At Union Power Cooperative, we may not be able to control the weather, but we can provide advice to help our members save energy and money in keeping their family and furry friends more comfortable during the winter season. Visit for additional energy-saving tips.