Keep Utility Poles Free of Signs and Flyers

May 3, 2020

From lawn care, real estate, yard sales, to lost pets—you name it, and we’ve seen a flyer for it on a utility pole. Although utility poles offer a convenient place to post a sign or flyer and may seem harmless, doing so creates safety hazards for lineworkers.

Lineworkers risk increased injury to themselves and damage to their equipment, rubber gloves, boots, and protective clothing when items are posted on poles. Nails and tacks can also get in the way of the climbing hooks lineworkers wear on their boots when climbing a pole.

An additional issue involves damage to the pole itself. Over time, water seeps into holes surrounding nails, staples, and tacks. Eventually, the pole will deteriorate and need to be replaced, creating another expense for the cooperative and its members.

Companies and individuals posting signs on poles could face legal action or be fined for the cost of sign removal and disposal. We ask that everyone refrain from posting items on poles for the safety of all concerned. Together, we can keep our dedicated lineworkers safe and working efficiently.