EVs Are Gaining Popularity

April 23, 2023

More Electric Vehicles (EVs) are on the roads, and companies are changing to accommodate the new EV industry. Regardless of the type of car you drive today, the electrification of the transportation industry is moving into the progression of EVs. At Union Power, we regularly receive inquiries from our members about EVs. Here are the most frequently asked questions:  

Q: Why is Union Power communicating about electric vehicles?

It’s no secret that consumers are interested in EVs. Union Power is dedicated to providing as much information as possible about EVs so our members can make informed decisions when considering an EV.

Q: Does Union Power have an EV?

In 2020, Union Power purchased, a Chevrolet Bolt. Our EV and charging stations helped us access key data and gain insights into how EVs operate and what infrastructure is needed to support them. In addition, our Chevrolet Bolt helps raise awareness at our community events, so folks can ask questions and form their own opinions about EVs.

Q: Can I charge my EV using an existing outlet?

All EVs come with a 110-volt-compatible (Level 1) charging unit, where the charger can plug into any standard household outlet. An eight-hour overnight charge enables travel around 36 to 40 miles a day. However, if you typically drive long distances or are in a hurry, a Level 2 charger takes about half the time and provides about 180 miles of range over an eight-hour charging period. A licensed electrician must install a Level 2 charger.

Q: Do outside temperatures affect the range of an EV?

Notably in colder weather, outside temperatures can impact the range of an EV. Unlike a gas-powered vehicle where the heat comes from the engine, an EV produces cabin heat to manage battery temperature, which can reduce battery range.

Q: Should I let my co-op know if I purchase an EV?

Yes. Please let us know so we can better serve you. As more Union Power members purchase EVs, it’s helpful to know their location in our area to ensure we have the infrastructure to meet your charging needs.