Energy Usage Alert: Saves Members Energy and Money

December 11, 2022

Union Power cares about our members, especially when it comes to providing accurate information on why their energy consumption has increased in their homes.

As our cooperative is growing and we are meeting the expectations of our members, we want to present them with a system that will provide accurate and more information on how to save energy. Union Power’s Marc Rizzo, business intelligence analyst, saw a need to help our members understand why they are consuming higher amounts of energy than normal. The Energy Usage Alert is a mid-billing cycle report that shows an increase in home energy consumption compared to previous billing cycles.

Our Energy Specialist team analyzes the data of the member when the usage is significantly above their daily kWh consumption and suggests ways to improve their energy usage before the next billing cycle ends. Energy Specialist Billy Brantley states, “Our job is to notify members of the increased consumption and question if they know of anything in the home that may be the cause. If it is not a lifestyle choice that is the cause of the increased usage, it could be repairs may be needed in the home. Usually, the cause is HVAC, a water heater, or an issue with a well pump.”

Union Powers member, Dave Alder, is an excellent example of how the Energy Usage Alert helped him determine why his home was consuming so much power. The report helped our energy specialists investigate the cause by the hour and identify when the problem occurred. The report suggested a significant increase in HVAC usage compared to prior usage. Jake Thomas, manager of marketing and energy services, proactively informed Mr. Alder on the amount of energy that was being used during the summer and how he could improve his home’s energy efficiency. Alder states, “If it wasn’t for Jake, I never would have understood why my home was using so much energy, since it occurred between billing cycles, and the homeowner doesn’t see the energy consumption until the power bill is issued. Especially with my home being a newer build, I expected reduced power bills due to the newer, efficient equipment.” Jake also offered suggestions as to what may be the HVAC issue, which helped isolate the problem. After investigating the problem, a mechanical issue with the HVAC thermostat was the driving factor behind the increased consumption. Once the repair was made, Mr. Alder’s daily consumption decreased by more than fifty percent.

“The opportunities provided from the Energy Usage Alert Report, along with the technology we have already invested in will allow us to take our customer service to the next level!” said Jake Thomas.