Energy-Saving Tips for the Holidays

November 20, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to learn about energy savings! We are here to help at Union Power by providing you with tips and tricks on saving energy and money at home during the holidays. 

For our members, we have provided a holiday calculator that will help make smart energy decisions while shopping for Christmas lights and hoping to reduce the energy that will impact your electricity bills. 

In addition to using the Holiday Lighting Calculator, consider these helpful tips to brighten your holiday celebration:

Get a Home Energy Assessment: Call 704-289-3145 to speak with one of our energy specialists to help you determine if your home is losing energy and what to do to save money. Based on the results of your energy assessment, our energy specialist will provide you with energy-saving tips to save money.

Use LED Lights: Light up your home with Led Lights. LED lights have been known for being sturdier and more resistant to breaking. LEDs also last longer and use less energy than traditional festive light strands.

Install A Light Timer: When decorating your house with holiday lights, use a controlled timer to lower your energy consumption. This tip will help you save money, energy, and time while staying in the holiday spirit.

Plug Holiday Decorations into Power Strips: Getting into the holiday spirit of hanging lights and watching Christmas Movies on repeat can take a toll on your energy usage. Instead, try plugging all your electronics into one power strip to reduce energy consumption and turn the power strip off when necessary.

Save energy in the Kitchen: During the holidays, there is tons of cooking and baking to prepare a perfect meal. To save money and energy, try using the right size pots on stove burners and the oven light to check on the dish progress instead of opening the door to check on the progress. 

Prepare Your Windows for Winter: Staying warm and keeping the heat in your home is very important, especially during the Winter. Make sure you take all the steps you need before the cooler temperatures come and you lose heat. Start by checking all of your windows and weatherizing them to prevent any drafts. This step will reduce heat lost through your windows by 25-50%. Another tip you can do to prevent heat loss is installing storm windows. This helpful tip will help block the cooler temperatures coming into the home.

At Union Power, we love to inform our customers on ways to save money and energy, especially during the holidays. We hope you find these helpful tips informative and beneficial for you and your family, but also impact your financials and get you into the holiday spirit. We at Union Power hope you have a safe and happy holiday season by taking these few steps to manage your energy consumption during this busy time of the year.