Dive into Efficiency with Union Power

July 22, 2023

Everyone wants to save money, especially sitting by the pool and soaking up the sun, but don’t worry; your local cooperative has you covered in providing resources and tools for some much-needed relaxation in your backyard paradise. Owning a pool doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, or a huge waste of energy.

Take a minute to soak up these tips to improve your pool’s energy efficiency.  

Practice Regular Pool Maintenance

  1. Clogged filters force pool pumps to work even harder to circulate water. The cleaner you keep your pool, the less filtration is required. Try to keep a goal to filter all the water once daily.
    1. Swimming pools lose energy in numerous ways, but evaporation is the largest source of energy loss. Covering a pool when  not in use effectively reduces water loss through evaporation and saves up to 50%–70% on your pool heating costs.

Consider using a Pool Pump with Energy Efficient Variable Speeds Pool pumps are vital to performing many functions in your pool. Knowing and understanding what type of pool pump you have and how they function is essential in saving you money. There are three types of pumps: single-speed, two-speed, and variable-speed.

Optimize Pump Time

Setting your pool pump on a timer can become very convenient and helpful, especially if you are busy or always away. We recommend putting pool pumps on timers for 8-10 hours daily run times, depending on the pool size, to help circulate the water. We also recommend setting your pump and system to run during the late evening/early morning hours to save energy.