Defining a Brighter Future for Our Members and the Community

January 20, 2021

Executive Message

As we begin this new year, Union Power is pursuing efforts to build a brighter future for our members and the community we all share – a brighter future that continues our commitment to delivering reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost while also advancing responsible sustainability goals.

Last July, along with the rest of North Carolina’s electric cooperative network, we announced our new vision for a Brighter Future – a long-term roadmap for providing sustainable, affordable energy; reliability and innovation; and continued local community support to enrich the people and communities we serve.

Our vision centers on achieving two voluntary sustainability goals: a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To reach these goals, we will continue to rely on emissions-free nuclear, an extremely reliable, safe, and affordable source of electricity that currently fuels more than half our power, along with natural gas, which can be dispatched quickly when needed. We are bringing more renewable energy resources online while investing in new technology, such as battery storage, to make renewables like solar power more versatile and reliable.

These carbon reduction goals also rely on the advanced coordination of resources across the electric grid, as well as innovative solutions and technologies to make the grid as flexible and efficient as possible. They also encompass our efforts to electrify devices and processes as an alternative to fossil fuels and use electricity in new ways.

As a locally-based cooperative, Union Power remains committed to not only powering, but also empowering this community. That’s why our vision for a Brighter Future extends far beyond delivering reliable, affordable, sustainable electricity to include community support efforts like education initiatives and economic development activities that truly demonstrate the cooperative difference. Our structure affords us unique opportunities to make local investments and engage with local people, businesses, and community leaders to work together to meet changing needs.

The brightest part of our future will always be our members, like you. We look forward to continuing to serve you and to building a brighter future, now and in the years to come.