Co-ops Vote

America’s Electric Cooperatives understand what’s important to our homes and our communities, and we understand that registering to vote and voting in every election is vital to protecting our way of life. So is building relationships with elected officials, so they understand the unique issues we face.

Co-ops Vote is designed to boost voter turnout, develop relationships with candidates and elected officials, and ensure that issues that matter in rural America are heard everywhere, from local councils all the way up to the U.S. Capitol.

Co-ops Vote provides the tools to help build those relationships and educate co-op employees, directors and consumer members prior to hitting the polls for every election.

Please join us, and make sure our elected leaders know that we expect them to represent all the people electric cooperatives serve. Learn more at

What is Co-ops Vote?

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan campaign focused on enhancing the political strength of electric cooperatives through relationship building and voter engagement. The main goal of the campaign is to boost voter turnout in cooperative areas, making sure that our members exercise one of their most basic rights – the right to vote. Working in collaboration with states and local co-ops, this effort will educate and engage candidates and voters on important issues like:

Why is the Co-ops Vote Program Important?