Attention High School Juniors

November 1, 2022

Youth Tour provides an opportunity for high school juniors to have an unforgettable experience in Washington, D.C., while learning about the history of the nation’s capital and understanding how American history has shaped the U.S. today. In addition, this tour will help students take on leadership roles and learn what their value is as a citizen.

Students will attend a scheduled five-day event of visiting the Smithsonian, Capitol Hill, Arlington National Cemetery, the Newseum (the world’s most interactive museum), the Lincoln Memorial, and more! They will also get the opportunity to interact with their members of Congress, senators, and legislative staff by asking them questions and understanding their role in the capital. While taking advantage of this extraordinary tour, students will step out of their comfort zone and meet other students across the nation who are there for the same purpose. Not only is this tour amazing, but it looks great on a college resume/application. So what are you waiting for? Go to