Amp Up Your Awareness

June 12, 2024

In today’s digital world, scammers are becoming more sophisticated than ever using phone calls, texts, emails, and in-person visits to trick unsuspecting consumers. See the tips and examples below to help protect your private information and yourself.

Protect Your Information
Scammers typically disguise themselves–physically or digitally–as utility employees or representatives to steal members’ money or personal information. These scammers will demand immediate payment and threaten to disconnect your service without prior notice or warning if payment isn’t received immediately.
At Union Power, the safety of our members is vital. Below are a few tips to help you stay safe from the craftiest of scammers to ensure your physical or financial well-being is secure.
Occasionally, Union Power employees are dispatched to a member’s home for unscheduled routine maintenance, but they should not need to come into your home.

How to Spot a Scammer
There are several red flags when identifying an energy scam. You’ve probably noticed that many digital scams—emails or text messages—include poor grammar, spelling errors, and odd email addresses.

In-person Scam
All Union Power employees, and companies contracted by Union Power, carry a company-issued photo identification and can provide this information immediately. If you encounter a questionable person, ask for their company identification.

Phone Scam
Union Power urges members to use extra caution and not be afraid to ask the following questions:
Your account number
The amount and date of your last payment
The name on their ID badge
Be aware of the caller’s tone when you ask questions. Are they becoming impatient, annoyed, or angry?
Does their emotion intensify when you ask to speak with their manager, request their phone number, or offer to call them back later—you may notice that they will hang up when you begin to question them.
If they are a legitimate Union Power representative, this information will be readily accessible; otherwise, don’t give in to their tactics. If you are not sure the call is coming from Union Power, hang up and call Union Power’s customer service department at 704-289-3145.