Utility Post Are Not Bulletin Boards

People often claim these signs are a nuisance and a community eyesore, but it’s not necessarily the signs themselves that are the real problem – it’s the tacks, nails or staples that are used to affix the signs. Utility poles contain electrical wires, and people can be seriously injured while attaching signs to utility poles. Long after falling rain has smeared ink, and brisk winds have carried signs away, the small objects once used to keep them in place are left behind, and become potential threats to the safety of lineworkers.

Anything attached to the pole could create a hazard, such as nails, tacks or staples can puncture rubber gloves and other safety equipment, making line workers vulnerable to electrocution. Please do not place any items on utility poles. Help us keep our lineworkers safe as they work to serve our communities.

Their jobs are dangerous enough – help us keep them safe!

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