Save Energy: Water Heater Efficiency Tips

Having hot water is a modern convenience that most people don’t even think about. Lucky for us, when we turn the shower knob on, a relaxing, hot shower is in the near future! But did you know that water heating is one of your home’s top expenses? According to the Department of Energy, water heating […]

Keep Air Flowing by Changing Your Filters

Did you know that a dirty air filter is the #1 reason for HVAC system failure? Dirty and clogged air filters can not only waste money on energy costs, but they can damage your heating and cooling system as well. Replacing filters every 2-3 months can help extend the life expectancy of your system. When […]

Celebrating Agriculture and Our Rural Roots

Eighty years ago, farmers and rural community members came together to form Union Power Cooperative and other electric cooperatives across the state and the nation. They set the poles, strung the lines and went door-to-door asking the people in their communities to join them in establishing a local, member-owned business that could transform communities and […]

ElecTel Credit Union: Another Benefit to Being a Co-op Member

Did you know that as a Union Power Cooperative member, you are eligible for membership with ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union? ElecTel’s comprehensive financial services rival those of larger financial institutions, and you get the benefits of belonging to a credit union. Direct Deposit, Stop Payments, Overdraft Protection, Courtesy Pay and more are all convenient, timesaving […]