Underground Electrical Equipment

Appropriate clearance and permanent access to Union Power equipment is necessary at all times; guidelines for the minimum required access distances to equipment are as follows:
  • No closer than 10 feet on side of equipment with locked door
  • No closer than 4 feet on all other sides

Padmount Transformer Distance Clearance - image

Proper clearance is needed for these reasons:

  • To permit Cooperative personnel safe access to operate and maintain the equipment. 
  • Padmount transformers are cooled by air.  If obstructions, including shrubs or fences, block proper air circulation, the oil in the equipment may overheat. This could result in oil leakage and/or equipment failure, which can lead to power outages. 

Click for: Planting Near Underground Padmount Transformers

Shrubs planted under meter bases can also pose a problem for our meter technicians. They may need to access your meter for routine maintenance and testing. Please remove or trim back shrubbery near your meter base. 

For more information about Union Power’s vegetation management program or tree trimming practices, please call 704-289-3145 to speak with one of our certified arborists.

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