Tree Safety

Are you planning to plant trees, clear land, trim, or get rid of some dead trees on your property? If so, there are a few rules that will help you accomplish your task safely:

Remember not to plant trees under or near power lines. A twig planted today could eventually reach 70 feet or more. When a tree reaches full growth, the branches pose a significant threat to power lines. If branches break during a windstorm or bend down during an ice storm, they can interrupt electric service for people along that particular line. Trees near power lines are also dangerous because they can become energized when in contact with power lines. Children climbing a tree are especially at risk of injury.

2017 recommended tree planting guide

For information on the appropriate trees that can be planted near power lines, please call Union Power at 704-289-3145 and speak to one of our certified arborists, Wil Ortiz (ext. 3323) or Carrie Lorenz-Efird (ext. 3291).

Safety Tips for Cutting Trees Near Power Lines