Surge Protection

Although lightning is the most common culprit, accidents involving power poles or animals contacting power line equipment can generate surges in voltage levels. Inside your home, major appliances or other large motors switching on and off, faulty wiring, or poor grounding can cause surges.

Protecting your electronic equipment from power surges and the damage they may cause, makes sense. 

The SS320A meter base suppressor is your first line of defense against incoming transient surges attempting to enter a home. With high energy surge protection elements, this device can handle surges in excess of 60,000 amps. 

The MPM8-AV multimedia power strip suppressor has eight receptacles. This device handles six times the surge energy while still protecting your sensitive electronics. 

The US1206 universal suppressor has six receptacles that absorbs and reroutes surge energy to ground or in event of catastrophic surge, completely disconnects power. 

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