NC GreenPower

NC GreenPower is an independent nonprofit program dedicated to encouraging the development of renewable energy. It connects people to renewable energy and carbon offset projects by offering anyone the ability to support a cleaner future for North Carolina. For as little as $4 a month, this program can bridge the gap between those who are unable to develop their own projects with those who need additional financial support.


How does the program work? +

For each $4 donation, NC GreenPower will supply 125 kWh of green power and the remainder of the donation will support the installation of solar PV demonstration projects at North Carolina K-12 schools.

How do I sign up? +

Union Power members can voluntarily contribute $4 per month or any amount in increments of $4. To sign up for NC Green Power, fill in the webform below or print and fill out the form and mail it to:

Union Power Cooperative,

Attn: Billing Department

PO Box 5014

Monroe, NC 28111-5014

For your convenience, the dollar amount of your participation will be added to your monthly electric bill.  The dollar amount of your participation is tax-free and tax deductible.

NOTE: A portion of every donation will fund the purchase of RECs (Renewable Energy Credits). In 2020, the block size will increase from 50 kWh to 125 kWh of renewable energy from eligible green power generators across the state; the remaining donation will support the installation of small (3-5 kW) solar PV projects at selected schools.

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