Lineman Appreciation Day is April 18

April 18 marks National Lineman Appreciation Day, a celebration of the vital role electrical linemen play in keeping the lights on for co-op members. On this day, Union Power Cooperative and electric utilities across our state and nation recognize the skill, talent, and expertise of our linemen and thank them for their many contributions to our daily lives.

“Our line workers are the first responders of our electric distribution system,” said Greg Andress, executive vice president and general manager. “They are on the front line of our co-op, and are critical to our efforts in serving our members and providing reliable power to our communities.” This past year was especially challenging for many cooperative linemen, as they worked tirelessly to help communities throughout North Carolina recover from the impacts of multiple hurricanes, as well as snow and ice. In a true demonstration of the cooperative spirit, crews from less-affected areas traveled to harder-hit regions to assist in restoring power as quickly as possible, often in very treacherous conditions.

Thank you to our linemen for the hard work they do every day. Please join us in recognizing them on Thursday, April 18, and all year round!

 The agility and expertise of co-op linemen from across North Carolina will be on display during the biennial Statewide Pole Top Rescue Competition, which will be held in Raleigh on Thursday, May 30. The competition was originally scheduled for last fall, but was postponed due to hurricane recovery efforts. Lineman Josh Morrison will represent Union Power in the statewide competition after winning a local challenge of emergency rescue skills.