Lighting Rebates

Make the switch, get the rebate

When you go green, you’ll see more green (as in money) for your business. Why? Because saving energy means saving money.

Replacing old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones will save money on your electric bill each month. But dedicating the money to make change can be challenging for a business. That’s why Union Power’s rebate program helps provide the funds to make lighting improvements.

Savings can add up

Agricultural/commercial members who upgrade their light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones that meet Union Power standards are eligible for “per-unit” rebates. The rebate is based on how many Watts – or units of energy – are saved with the new bulbs.

Many old light fixtures can be re-fitted for new bulbs, so you may be able to use your existing fixtures. As a cooperative, our top priority is our members, and we will work with you in every way.

*Criteria for receiving rebates are subject to Union Power standards. If you are interested in our lighting rebates program, please email Jake Thomas or call 704-220-1414 to discuss.