Risk Trees

Trees and shrubs that grow into power lines can not only cause outages and delay the restoration of power, they are also dangerous. If plants must be placed in the right-of-way, they should be a low-growing variety (species that grow no taller than 20 feet at maturity) and should be planted at the edge of the right-of-way and not directly under the wires or on berms. Union Power will remove and/or trim trees on a cycle basis that are within the right-of-way area based on Cooperative specifications for proper, safe clearance. Call the Cooperative with any questions.

Proper Planting Guidelines

   Risk trees

Planting trees and shrubs or placing obstructions around padmounted transformers and other Union Power padmounted equipment also creates problems. Click here for clearance distances around underground electrical equipment.

Please call Union Power at 704-289-3145 and speak to one of our certified arborists.