Plug in to EV Rewards

Charge at home? Earn up to $120/year in energy bill credits.

The EVConnectNC pilot program offers monthly bill credits for allowing us to
automate your charging during low grid stress periods and times when energy from renewable
resources is readily available.
Sign up on our partner page, evPulse for Union Power Cooperative (UPC).

How can I participate?

The EVConnectNC Pilot program is available for Tesla vehicles. Non-Tesla vehicles
may join the program by enrolling with a qualified ChargePoint® home charging
Sign up is easy and takes under 5 minutes! Create a free evPulse account and
authorize your vehicle or charger to share charging data with Union Power, allowing you to
participate in the program.

Program Benefits

How does the program work?

Simply Plug In – We’ve got you covered. Your vehicle will charge during low grid stress periods using the cleanest energy available.

You’re In Control – You’ll automatically charge during “smart times.” You have the option to override the smart charge schedule as needed.

Get Rewards – Program participants receive a $10 bill credit each month – up to $120 annually.

Get Started

Learn more and enroll on our program partner page, evPulse for UPC.

What is evPulse?

evPulse is an official Union Power third-party partner, who’s software establishes a connection between your vehicle’s telematics system and enables data sharing with UPC. evPulse is safe, secure, and uses industry-best data encryption
and privacy protection. Learn more about privacy and security

Help or Questions?

Visit our evPulse partner page for Frequently Asked Questions, or email us at
upc-support@ev-pulse.com for support.

EVConnectNC pilot program

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