Education in the Field

Chris Griffin in the field working and receiving certificate Union Power Journeyman Chris Griffin was recently recognized during a company-wide training event, for completing his Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electric Line Construction Technology. Griffin took classes both online and in person while working his full-time position.

David Gross, vice president of engineering
and operations congratulated Griffin on his
hard work and dedication. “I am so happy
that our Cooperative can help our employees
continue their education. Our industry has
been challenged with a tremendous wave
of retirements, and sometimes it can be
difficult to find motivated, well-trained and
knowledgeable workers to replace them. This
helps us maintain a knowledgeable workforce
for years to come”.

Union Power Cooperative provides education
incentives to employees who desire to further
their education and careers. The Cooperative
is invested in helping employees reach their
personal and professional goals.