Earth Day: We All Play a Part

Did you know that Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22? It is a day when communities come together to create a greener, more sustainable future. It is observed by Union Power and other electric cooperatives, businesses and citizens worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Union Power takes pride in its year-round conservation efforts, and this Earth Day we’d like to highlight some of the steps we’ve taken to help not only our members, but also our planet.

Using renewable energy is an important part of keeping our planet healthy. That’s why Union Power has partnered with NC GreenPower. We offer our members the ability to purchase blocks of renewable energy at a flat rate through NC GreenPower for as little as $4 a month. This tax-deductible donation on your electric bill allows you to add green energy to the power grid, keep carbon dioxide out of the air, reduce fossil fuels and offset about 10 percent of your home’s energy use. It is a simple and easy way for members to choose “greener” energy solutions. For more information, please visit

Union Power is one of 22 North Carolina electric cooperatives that formed the not-for-profit company GreenCo Solutions, Inc. to assist in the creation of energy efficiency programs and the development of renewable energy sources. We are constantly and collectively finding ways to ensure a cleaner, greener North Carolina for all of us. Check it out at

Union Power will also assist residential and commercial members who have an interest in implementing solar and wind energy resources and have chosen to install a renewable energy generator, with the intent of selling excess power back to the Cooperative. To learn about requirements and interconnection standards, please visit Union Power will even purchase the power you generate through your qualifying renewable generation (such as wind or solar) that is interconnected directly to the electric grid of the Cooperative.

Union Power also offers energy efficiency tips, articles and guidelines on our website, as well as in this monthly newsletter. We believe in giving our members everyday tips they can implement to not only save on their electric bill, but also to conserve energy as a whole. Check out two of our best resources, the Home Energy Savings Guide and 101 Ways to Save Energy and Money at Reading these two brochures will not only greatly benefit your wallet, but will also benefit the environment as well.

We sincerely thank all of our members for helping us with the important task of being environmentally friendly, and for caring about the environment.