Crew Locations

Vegetation management, more commonly known as right-of-way maintenance, is essential in providing safe and reliable electric service. Union Power works hard to ensure that rights-of-way are properly cleared of trees and limbs that could present a possible safety or power reliability hazard. Our contractors, ABC Professional Tree Services, Carolina Tree Care, and The Arbor Experts are fully insured.

During the next month, you may see our tree-trimming crews in your neighborhood: Carolina Tree Care.                        


Union County

Bunn Simpson Rd, Holly School Rd, Sandy Smith Rd, Olive Branch Rd, Lucy Shortcut Rd, Old Goldmine Rd, Ansonville Rd, Hamilton Crossroads Rd, Gourdvine Dr, Osborn Rd, Horne Rd, Old Lawyers Rd, Ansel Deese Rd, Brantley Rd, Tarlton Mill Rd, Polk Mountain Dr, New Hope Church Rd, Sugar and Wine Rd, Haigler Rd, Braswell Rushing Rd, Agr Nance Rd, Love Mill Rd, Sikes Mill Rd, Rushing Benton Rd, Unionville Brief Rd, Kate Rd, Hwy 601, W Lawyers Rd, Ridge Rd, Price Rd, Poplin Rd, Willis Long Rd

For more information about Union Power’s vegetation management program or tree trimming practices, please call (704) 289-3145 and speak with Wil Ortiz (ext. 3323) or Carrie Lorenz-Efird (ext. 3291).