Co-ops Vote

Make Rural Issues a Priority in 2016


There are 42 million electric cooperative members who reach into almost every district and every state in this country. To ensure that all electric co-op members are part of the debate this election season, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) has launched the Co-ops Vote initiative. This non-partisan program has three goals: to increase rural voter registration and turnout, educate co-op consumers on key issues and elevate the influence of rural Americans in the outcome of this election.

By participating in the Co-ops Vote program and taking the pledge to make electric co-op issues a priority this November, consumers are sending a resounding message that candidates will need to put our concerns front and center in order to earn our vote. With millions of electric co-op members speaking out with one voice, we are already having a major impact in making our top issues part of the national conversation.

Regardless of your political beliefs, you can join America’s electric co-ops in this national effort. Let’s stand up for the priorities of the rural electric co-op community in the lead-up to November 8. Join us, and learn more at