Celebrating Agriculture and Our Rural Roots

tractor in the fieldEighty years ago, farmers and rural community members came together to form Union Power Cooperative and other electric cooperatives across the state and the nation. They set the poles, strung the lines and went door-to-door asking the people in their communities to join them in establishing a local, member-owned business that could transform communities and change lives.

We’ve come a long way since then, but we’ve remained true to our roots and steadfast in our commitment to investing in and strengthening our local communities. Electricity continues to hold great promise for agriculture— North Carolina’s top industry—and open the door to new opportunity across numerous sectors, as we work to embrace 21st-century innovation and implement new technologies.

March 14 marks the 46th anniversary of National Ag Day, which recognizes the essential role agriculture plays in our everyday lives. We are proud to support farmers’ operational needs through safe, reliable and affordable power and look forward to growing the relationship between agriculture and energy to create efficiencies that will benefit all North Carolina communities.

As Union Power Cooperative celebrates our 80th anniversary and we reflect on our long history, we are also looking ahead to building the foundation for the future and what’s yet to come.