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Take Charge of Your Electric Bill, Pay Your Way

In traditional billing systems, most of us have little knowledge how many dollars in energy we have consumed until we receive our bill the following month. At this point, our ability to control and make
decisions that could lower our bill are no longer available. Pay Your Way works differently. This program allows you to choose how much and how often you want to pay before you use the electricity.

Think of Pay Your Way the same as you do putting gas in your car you pay for it before you use it. You can purchase small amounts every few days or “fill up” the tank and not worry about it for several
weeks. When your supply is low, you simply purchase more.

Pay Your Way works best for members who want to take control of their energy usage. By monitoring your consumption
on a regular basis, you will begin to notice patterns in your day-to-day use. Any variation from this pattern, such as
a vacation or changes in weather, will become evident as you monitor your account. As you begin to learn more about
your household energy use and can tie it directly back to costs, it’s easier to find ways to improve conservation and energy efficiency efforts.

Additional benefits of the program include:

  •  No security deposits
  •  No late fees
  •  No credit checks
  •  No monthly electric bills, just purchase your power to fit your budget

Take charge of your electric bill by contacting a customer service representative at 704-289-3145, to sign up today.

Year 2017 General Notice of Capital Credits Assignments

This is to certify that by virtue of it having received revenues in excess of its operating expenses for the year ended December 31, 2017, each person who was a member of the Cooperative during the year 2017 has been credited, on the books of the Cooperative, at its principal office in Monroe, with having furnished the Cooperative capital in an amount equal to the following percentage of each member’s patronage during that year:

  • 7.377 — Percent of member’s patronage during the calendar year of 2017

Example: If your bills totaled $1,000 for the year 2017, your capital credit would be $73.77 ($1,000 x 0.07377).

The allocation percent set forth above applies to amounts billed for electric service during the year, and represents the member’s share of the operating margin realized by the Cooperative during the year. This amount has the same status as if it had been refunded to the member in cash and immediately returned by the member to the Cooperative as member-furnished capital.

A capital credit assignment is not cashable and it cannot be used as a credit on the member’s electric bill. It is issued subject to all the terms and conditions as contained in the Cooperative’s bylaws, rules and regulations, both as presently worded and as may hereafter be duly adopted or amended.

Union Power Cooperative named a 2018 Tree Line USA Utility

treeUnion Power Cooperative was recently named a 2018 Tree Line USA Utility by the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to proper tree pruning, planting and care in our five-county service area. The Cooperative is the only North Carolina electric co-op to earn this honor for 13 consecutive years.

Union Power has consistently met Tree Line USA standards by:

  • Training employees in quality tree-care practices
  • Educating the public about planting trees for energy conservation
  • Helping homeowners plant appropriate trees near utility lines

Executive Perspective

Greg Andress Executive Vice President and General ManagerIn the April 2018 Cooperative Review we provided you with an update regarding the growth of our membership and the need to expand our operations to meet the demands of this growth.

Union Power has undergone an extensive facility study to evaluate the suitability of our headquarters complex to meet our current and future needs. Union Power has been in its current facility since 1984. During this time our member accounts have grown from approximately 20,000 to almost 76,000 and our total utility plant, which includes the electrical infrastructure, buildings, and support equipment, has grown from just over $28 million to nearly $400 million. Additionally, the number of employees has grown from 55 to 135. Looking to the future, our long range forecast projects our membership will grow an additional 30 percent over the next 15 years, increasing our need for additional utility plant and human resources.

Based on our current needs and future projections, the facility study indicates Union Power’s existing headquarter facilities are not adequate to provide for our future operations. After careful consideration of factors such as geographic proximity to our members and economics related to expanding on our existing campus versus moving to a new site, it has been decided the best alternative is for Union Power to expand on its existing campus at 1525 N. Rocky River Road.

In order to ensure we have the facilities to continue to serve our membership, today and into the future, we began working with consulting firms to develop a site plan and design for a headquarters expansion. Based on our needs assessment, our project will include a new office building, warehouse, fleet maintenance shop, and vehicle parking area. The design phase is nearing completion and site preparation will begin in the coming months.

Our goal is to build a foundation for the future to deliver on our promise to provide safe, reliable electric power and energy services with exceptional value. I will continue to provide you updates as we move forward with this project.

Greg Andress
Executive Vice President and General Manager