Ask For ID

In this day and time, personal safety has to be a top priority for everyone. In the past, there have been reports of incidents involving people posing as utility workers, by phone and in person.

Some electric co-op members and customers of other utilities have received telephone calls from scam artists demanding immediate credit card payment to avoid disconnection of service. Union Power urges members to use extra caution if they’re asked for personal information or access to their home. At no time should a Union Power employee need to come into your home to make repairs.

The company recommends the following tips to customers who are approached or contacted by someone claiming to be a Union Power employee:
  1. Always ask for company identification. All Union Power employees, and employees working for companies contracted by Union Power, carry company-issued photo identification and can provide this information immediately.
  2. If you are not certain a telephone call is coming from Union Power or one of its contractors, do not provide any personal or banking information. Union Power recommends asking the caller to provide their employee number and to verify the customer’s account number, or simply hang up and call Union Power’s customer service department at (704) 289-3145 or 1-800-922-6840.
  3. Union Power employees, on occasion, may be dispatched to a customer’s home for unscheduled routine maintenance. If a visitor or caller is unable or unwilling to provide their name or employee identification, please call Union Power’s customer service department at (704) 289-3145 and report it to local law enforcement authorities.

To help you identify legitimate Union Power employees look for: 

  • Marked truck with Union Power logos on the doors and/or on the front tag.
  • Uniforms of khaki-colored shirts with a Union Power patch and olive green pants.
  • Ask for photo identification.
  • Any member can call the Cooperative office, at (704) 289-3145 or 1-800-922-6840, to verify that an employee has been dispatched to their residence.

At Union Power, we’re looking out for you.