Plug-in NC Offers Rebate on Nissan LEAF Purchases

PlugNissan LEAF Car-in NC, a program of Raleigh-based Advanced Energy, has extended its fleet incentive to all North Carolina residents purchasing a new Nissan LEAF. The offer was initiated December 15, 2016, and has been extended through the end of March 2017.

Nissan is currently offering a $4,000 retail incentive, but under the Plug-in NC program, North Carolina residents are eligible for a $10,000 rebate. Combined with the Federal EV Tax Credit of $7,500, residents see net savings up to $17,500.

“Both Plug-in NC and Nissan are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing greenhouse gases”, said Advanced Energy communications project manager Kristi Brodd. “Key to this goal is limiting output from commuting and fleet operations.”

Those interested in taking advantage of the rebate should visit their local Nissan dealer and provide a copy of the rebate announcement at this link. The applicable fleet code is B62619.

Fire Department Receives Grant

Union Power Cooperative recently partnered with CoBank and presented a matching grant for $4,000 to Oakboro Fire & Rescue. The grant will go towards new equipment, trucks, and training for their firemen. Luanne Sherron, Vice President of Key Accounts & Government Relations, and Carrie Stroud, Vice President of Communications & Marketing, attended a training meeting to present the check to the department. We are proud of Oakboro VFD and the impact they make in our local community!

Vice President of Key Accounts and Government Relations, Luanne Sherron, presents check to Assistant Fire Chief Shea Morton.


New Substation Energized in Western Union County

There’s a new buzz in Western Union County. Sitting on the corner of Chestnut Lane and Matthews-Weddington Road, Union Power Cooperative’s 24th substation, deemed Chestnut, is now energized and fully operational. 

With 39 acres bought in 2014, and permits acquired, construction on the new substation began last spring. While initially serving 1,550 members, this new station has the capacity to serve 7,500 members. “By putting this substation into service, we were able to take some load off of Weddington, which allows for a balanced electric load between the stations, ultimately ensuring more reliable service to residents and businesses in the area,” stated Plant Development Engineer, Matt Baucom.

With a 4% growth in the area in the last two years, and a planned 1,000 additional residential lots, of which half can now be served by the Chestnut station, the timing of this project couldn’t be better. This new 50 Mega-volt-amp (MVA), substation can definitely handle the load. Additionally, “if there is ever an outage event at either substation, the other can be used in a contingency scenario”, says Baucom. To further assist with providing reliable service to our members, Chestnut has a backup generator that can run the substation for two days, if ever needed.

Prior to going live on Tuesday, February 14th, Operations crews spent a full day in training. New equipment, technology upgrades, and safety protocol were all discussed as to ensure each lineman if called, can safely and efficiently restore power.

The Chestnut substation is one of Union Power’s many improvements to our system ensuring we continually meet our mission of providing safe, reliable electric power and energy services with exceptional value.  

Wayne at cabinet

Crews receive training from Manager of Engineering, Wayne Hathcock 

crews in the substation
Crews discuss new procedures in new substation


Our Right-of-Way Maintenance Reduces Outages

When a tree makes contact with a power line, it can cause a loss of power to hundreds of co-op members. It can also create safety hazards. That’s why Union Power Cooperative trims and maintains vegetation around our lines year round – to ensure our members enjoy the most reliable electricity possible.

Our vegetation management includes several tactics, all with a goal of balancing natural beauty with more reliable electricity. These tactics are employed in the area alongside and underneath our power lines – an area called our “right-of-way.” By keeping our right-of-way clear, Union Power can prevent outages, blinking lights, safety hazards and help our employees restore service more quickly during storms. It’s a big part of how we maintain a strong reliability record of 99.9 percent!

At the Heart of the Community

Union Power Cooperative’s business is providing electricity, but our heart is in empowering our members and building the communities we serve. If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, consider the love we have to give each other and to the community.

Loving you – our members:

You might wonder why we, a business that sells electricity, provides you with tips and tools to use less of what we sell. It’s because of our business model. Cooperative businesses are not-for-profit and exist to provide exceptional service to members, rather than to make a profit.

We think that means giving you the tools you need to make informed energy decisions that can lead to more manageable family budgets. We are not a Wall Street corporation; we are locally owned and operated, so we know how important it is to stick to a budget.

Loving our community:

Union Power Cooperative and its employees have big hearts for service and giving back to others. Such is the case with Hospice of Union & Stanly counties which employees have donated, to date, close to $300,000. Now that’s a lot of heart!

Through our Bright Ideas education grant program, local teachers win funding for innovative project to help students achieve success. And right now, we’re accepting applications for Touchstone Energy Sports Camp scholarships that will send two local students to basketball camps on college campuses. With these programs and others, not only are we spreading the love to our members and organizations, but to children, which are the future of our community.

Loving local businesses and economies:

At the same time, Union Power Cooperative is investing to help our communities grow and thrive. We support and participate in many organizations that bring jobs and enhance the economy of our local communities – Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development organizations, Cooperative Extension agencies, Workforce development and Business associations and Education foundations. We support our local towns with community events that enhance the quality of life to the citizens who live and work there.

We support disaster relief agencies such as the American Red Cross and volunteer fire and rescue departments and charitable organizations that help those in need in the communities we serve.

Union Power Cooperative was founded in 1939 when neighbors worked together to raise poles, string lines, and bring electricity to the people and farms of our area. Our members were the core of our cooperative then, and they remain at the heart of our existence today. Much has changed in the last 78 years, but our cooperative mission stands unchanged: To power, and empower, the people and communities we serve.

We love our members!