See How the Weather Impacts Your Bill

Check out our groundbreaking  weather application, Weather Insights. It shows:

Weather Insights logoYour local 7-day forecast

Your estimated daily energy use each day

The estimated costs to heat or cool a home in the Union Power service area each day

By clicking on $ Save Money and adjusting a “virtual thermostat,” you can view how much they can potentially save. This interactive tool shows the precise dollar impact per degree by day.

“The weather and the thermostat setting can easily drive more than half of any home’s energy bill,” says  Carrie Stroud, the Co-op’s vice president of communications and marketing. “We want our members to have a tool that easily predicts how much their energy costs are affected by the changing weather and shows specific opportunities to save energy and money.”

Visit Weather Insights to check the weather and “dollarize” your thermostat setting. See just how changing a few degrees on your thermostat can save you lots of money!

Keep Your Account/Contact Information Up-to-date

Beautiful young woman with coffee using laptop in the kitchen

Have you recently changed your phone number? Are you signed up for e-bill and need to update your email address in our system? Are you signed up for draft or Auto Pay and need to update your banking information? You can update your account information securely anytime from your computer or mobile device. All you need is your account number and password.

Keeping your account information updated can also help in the event that you should ever need to report an outage. Our Outage Reporting System recognizes the phone number you are calling from. However, if that phone number does not match the phone number listed for your account, you will be instructed to enter additional information to help us identify the outage location.

Please help us by keeping your account information up-to-date:

Visit our Member Center, My Account, Account Profile. Or call and speak with one of our customer service representatives at 704-289-3145 or 704-485-3335.